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The Bone Line

If you’re not familiar with Auckland based design studio Inhouse I recommend taking the time to checkout their portfolio as it contains some beautiful work, such as this packaging designed for The Bone Line, ‘a new winery from the Waipara Valley’.

The winery’s name and the inclusion of fossil photography on the label references the K–Pg Boundary (formerly known as the K-T Boundary), which is a thin band of soil that runs close to the winery’s location that acts as geological signature marking the end of Mesozoic Era and the extinction of the dinosaurs. The use of Commercial Type’s delicate stencil typeface Dala Moa beautifully compliments the finely detailed photographic elements, while its bone-like structure also subtly references the winery’s unique name.
the bone line packaging 1
the bone line packaging 2
the bone line packaging 3


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