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You’ll Get Dirty

Loving the work of Melbourne based studio Mildred & Duck, which was founded by RMIT University graduates Sigiriya Brown and Daniel Smith. There’s a tidy collection of print and identity work in their portfolio that’s well worth a look!

I particularly like this project designed for ‘You Touch It, You’ll Get Dirty’, which was the title of RMIT’s 2010 Visual Arts Graduate exhibition. The posters feature type superimposed over ‘abstract images of dirty art related mediums’ that visually represent the title of the exhibition, while also exposing the variety of mediums in use by the students.

Looking forward to seeing more stuff from M&D in future!
mildredandduck dirty 1
mildredandduck dirty 2
mildredandduck dirty 3
mildredandduck dirty 4
mildredandduck dirty 5
mildredandduck dirty 6



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