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Shape Of Things

Incredible Types featured the work of Pete Rossi sometime ago and since then he has gone on to cofound RM&CO with designer Alfio Mazzei. Given the pedigrees of these two young designers it’s no surprise the studio’s work-to-date has been top notch, making it one to watch for 2014.

This brand identity designed for UK based surface and product design company Shapes of Things certainly sets the bar high for future projects! The playful use of abstract geometric forms and typography was inspired by the client’s name, range of products and ethos, which is defined by a ‘back to basics philosophy’.

I personally love the abstract qualities found in this work and the use of neon green to punctuate the stark black and white colour palette.

Looking forward to seeing more work from RM&CO in the future!
shape of things 1
shape of things 2
shape of things 3
shape of things 4
shape of things 5
shape of things 6



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