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Rivendell Bicycle Works Posters

Dan Blackman has relaunched his portfolio site and while he specialises in identity design there’s some great editorial, digital and even illustration projects on display as well! Given the quality of his work it’s no surprise that Blackman received the Young Gun 9 Award by the Art Directors Club in 2011 and has worked independently for the likes of Sagmeister and Walsh, Fwis, VSA Partners, 160over90 and Mother New York.

It’s always hard to pick just one piece from such a great folio, but these posters designed for Rivendell Bicycle Works caught my eye due to the variety of typefaces used throughout the entire series. In case you’re wondering each poster references one of Rivendell’s many great bikes.

Looking forward to seeing more work from The Studio of Dan Blackman in the future!

rivendell bicycle works 1
rivendell bicycle works 2
rivendell bicycle works 3
rivendell bicycle works 4
rivendell bicycle works 5
rivendell bicycle works 6



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