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Oberhaeuser.info Calendar 2013

Oberhaeuser.info is the design studio of Martin Oberhäuser, an information and interface designer based in Hamburg who recently released this great wall calendar to celebrate the new year. Each ring represents a month and Federal holidays (United States) are clearly marked in white, while the bottom section of the calendar offers some space to write on. We’re only four days into the new year so it’s not too late to purchase a copy from wechselwild.com and I should also mention an alternate version is available in white. You can also download the equally superb wallpaper from his site by following the link below.

oberhaesuser calendar 2013 1
oberhaesuser calendar 2013 2
oberhaesuser calendar 2013 3
oberhaesuser calendar 2013 4
oberhaesuser calendar 2013 5

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