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Carla Cascales Alimbau is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer from Barcelona. I’m really impressed with the breadth of her creative work and there are several splendid editorial design projects in her portfolio that are well worth a look!

The example shown below is a redesign of the book Nadja, which was written by the surrealist André Breton. Besides the beautiful presentation and illustrations what I find most interesting about this work is the way in which contrasting typefaces have been utilised.

The typeface Garamond tells the story of love affair between the author and a young woman he met in Paris, but because the text is written in the surrealist code it is somewhat difficult to comprehend. Convinced by what family and friends had to say Breton added footnotes to assist the reader and these have been set in Univers ‘to highlight the fact footnotes are what make the history comprehensible.’
nadja 1
nadja 2
nadja 3
nadja 4
nadja 5
nadja 6



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