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Mylène Poisson

Brand New have published their end of the year lists, which are definitely worth a look. I was particularly interested to see part 5, their Most Liked Friday Likes. There’s some great work there such as this identity designed by Montréal based Caserne for Mylène Poisson, who is a Sommelière.

I love this identity! I love the understated typography and the commitment to a single idea — each item is stamped with a ring of red wine using a wineglass. A superb example of what can be accomplished when a client has a limited creative budget.
Mylene Poisson Sommeliere 1
Mylene Poisson Sommeliere 2
Mylene Poisson Sommeliere 3
Mylene Poisson Sommeliere 4
Mylene Poisson Sommeliere 5
Mylene Poisson Sommeliere 6


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