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Lexikon des Unbewussten

Svenja Eisenbraun is a graphic designer based in Cologne who has a great portfolio of print and typographic work. This project titled ‘There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me – Lexikon des Unbewussten’ was created as part of her bachelor thesis.

There’s a subtle retro quality to the illustrations and layout that reminds me of the design curiosities I’ve collected over the years, such as old textbooks and instructional manuals. However the colour palette and the choice of typefaces, which include personal favourites such as Brandon Grotesque and Akkurat, give this work a contemporary twist.

The rest of her folio is equally as good so it’s definitely worth a look!

lexikon des unbewussten 1
lexikon des unbewussten 2
lexikon des unbewussten 3
lexikon des unbewussten 4
lexikon des unbewussten 5
lexikon des unbewussten 6
lexikon des unbewussten 7
lexikon des unbewussten 8


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