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Jess & Russ Keepsake

It’s been a while since Jessica Hische and her wonderful work made an appearance on here and seeing as her portfolio contains a swag of new projects it’s well overdue! Personal favourites include the new logotype she designed for MailChimp and a rather special project created for Google. However it was this keepsake she designed for her own wedding that really caught my eye.

The keepsake boasts a superb collection of artwork produced by close friends in addition to Hische’s beautiful lettering. As you’d expect for such an occasion production values are top notch and this attention to detail also extends to the parallax website created for the couple’s big day!
jess and russ 1
jess and russ 2
jess and russ 3
jess and russ 4
jess and russ 5
jess and russ 6


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