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I Love DIN

I Love Type is a series of books edited and designed by Spanish studio TwoPoints.net and published by Victionary, which focuses on one time honoured typeface at a time. Issue four was dedicated to DIN, one of my most loved typefaces and explores its history and personality via a selection of contemporary work collected from around the globe. The book is also prefaced by an interview with Albert-Jan Pool, the designer of FF DIN, which provides an interesting context for the work featured throughout.

Like all of the books in the Victionary range this publication is beautifully designed and perfectly compliments the great design work featured within. The neon orange applied to the jacket, spine and edges is also notable, as each edition of the I Love Type series utilises a different neon colour, so when the entire range is arranged on a bookshelf it forms a ‘neon rainbow.’ I recommend checking out the rest of the series, which includes Futura, Avant Garde, Bodoni, Gill Sans and Franklin Gothic.

I Love DIN 1
I Love DIN 2
I Love DIN 3
I Love DIN 4
I Love DIN 5
I Love DIN 6


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