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Hype Type Studio Identity

Hype Type Studio was founded by Paul Hutchison back in 1999 and since then the studio has built an impressive reputation ‘for producing effective creative solutions for preeminent clients including Nike, BBC, and Coca-Cola’. Some of their new work will no doubt appear on the site very soon, but this post is dedicated to their fabulous brand identity system, which was designed by Studio Newwork — whose work has also been featured before.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of minimalism so I love this identity, which reflects Hype Type Studio’s ‘prime modern style and their unique approach to various design projects’. I particularly like the way each word of the logotype is disjointed and arranged along the edges of each substrate, which is a really interesting approach that makes this a clever and unique visual identity.

hype type studio identity 1
hype type studio identity 2
hype type studio identity 3
hype type studio identity 4
hype type studio identity 5



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