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Hessian is a brand and design concept created by designer Ben Pieratt. What makes this project particularly interesting is that it’s a ‘brand in waiting’. The brandmark, visual language and even the rights to the name, the website and social media presence can be purchased as a package for $18,000.

While the idea of a ‘pre-fab brand’ is nothing new, we haven’t seen anything quite so premium and comprehensive. The visual language itself relies on ‘meme hooks and repetition’ to create something that’s visually appealing and can be applied to a variety of businesses.

As an idea it’s one that’s sure to have design purists pulling their hair out and many will be wondering whether a pre-fabricated brand and visual communication strategy can be effective. On the flip side though this represents an increasing trend where design is considered as a product, rather than being strictly a service.

You can read more about the project here and on FormFiftyFive.

hessian 1
hessian 2
hessian 3
hessian 4
hessian 5
hessian 6
hessian 7
hessian 8
hessian 9


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