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Heerlen 2013 Murals Project

Impressive new work from Fabian de Lange who recently designed this identity for an exhibition featuring some of his work. The Heerlen 2013 Murals Project was created to showcase the outstanding street art found throughout Heerlen, but also included ‘works on canvas, installations, illustrations and photography’.

I really admire the uniqueness of the actual identity mark and the way it’s been utilised. Rather then being tucked safely into a corner the logo is the primary element and can be seen sprawled across programme guides, tote bags and even spray cans — an approach which beautifully reflects the event for which it was designed.

murals 2013 typography 1
murals 2013 typography 2
murals 2013 typography 3
murals 2013 typography 4
murals 2013 typography 5



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