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Halb Weg – Ganz da

Love this printed material designed by Studio Una for an exhibition by German artist Gagel. For this exhibition the ‘artist documented architectural change in Pinneberg 20 years ago before returning recently to document those changes again’.

What initially appears as an overlay of random letters on each application is actually the identity for the exhibition, but it is split between both sides of a single substrate. Odd letters on the front, even letters on the reverse. I love this brave idea as it beautifully reflects the premise of the artist’s work!

This single project is one of many the studio have designed for Pinneberg Museum, which also includes the museum’s unique typographic identity. Likewise the rest of the studio’s work reflects a strong emphasis towards typography making the rest of their superb portfolio well worth a look.

halb weg–ganz da 1
halb weg–ganz da 2
halb weg–ganz da 3
halb weg–ganz da 4
halb weg–ganz da 5
halb weg–ganz da 6



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