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FS Emeric

Fontsmith have pulled out all the stops to celebrate the release of their new super family FS Emeric. The typeface is a humanist take on the modernist typefaces that defined graphic design in the mid-twentieth century.

UK studio Believe In were commissioned to create the type sampler shown below to showcase FS Emeric’s eleven weights and to illustrate the ways in which they can be utilised. The booklet itself is beautifully produced, using only four spot colours and two foils on GF Smith paper.

Fontsmith also approached eleven heavy-weight design studios, asking each to produce a poster that utilised one of the typeface’s eleven weights. These are definitely worth a peek and can be viewed on the FS Emeric microsite, but if you’re keen to see some beautiful images of the final posters being printed, Fontsmith’s blog is the place to go.

FS Emeric sampler 1
FS Emeric sampler 2
FS Emeric sampler 3
FS Emeric sampler 4
FS Emeric sampler 5
FS Emeric sampler 6

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