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Elektra 2013 Book

Fresh new work from Canadian studio Baillat Cardell & fils who recently designed this 178 page book to celebrate the success of their Anti / Matter campaign for Elektra Festival 2013. The book presents the 100 generative posters the studio designed for the festival and each copy also features a unique cover.

There’s some beautiful experimental typography, photography and illustration contained within, so if you’re a lover of rare and unique books email the studio directly to snag one of the few remaining copies.

elektra 2013 book 1
elektra 2013 book 2
elektra 2013 book 3
elektra 2013 book 4
elektra 2013 book 5
elektra 2013 book 6
elektra 2013 book 7
elektra 2013 book 8

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