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Eind Expo 2013

Dennis de Vries AKA subform has a slick new website containing some excellent new work! It was this identity and collateral designed in collaboration with designer Joost Bos for Academie Minerva’s 2013 Graduation Expo that really caught my attention.

Every piece boasts a deliberately busy design aesthetic that instantly draws the eye. Closer inspection reveals the presence of a strong underlying grid that governs the positioning of various overlapping elements. It’s an experimental aesthetic that instantly reminds me of New Wave and the work of Wolfgang Weingart.

De Vries is currently looking for employment abroad, so if you’re on the lookout for some fresh talent drop him a line.

eind expo 2013 1
eind expo 2013 2
eind expo 2013 3
eind expo 2013 4
eind expo 2013 5
eind expo 2013 6


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