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Diamonds Typeface

Diamonds is a new type family designed by Hannes von Döhren, the man behind HvD Fonts. Diamonds is a geometric sans-serif best suited for headlines and is the product of a quest to experiment with new and interesting letterforms. While easy to read, the form of many of the individual letters vary from what would be considered conventional and as a result capture the reader’s attention. As a lover of Herb Lubalin’s Avant Garde I adore this typeface, as it’s undoubtedly similar in a lot of ways,  but is obviously a contemporary and exciting alternative and one that fully exploits the opportunities that Open Type provides. Head over to HvD fonts and grab a copy!
hvd fonts diamonds 1
hvd fonts diamonds 2
hvd fonts diamonds 3
hvd fonts diamonds 4
hvd fonts diamonds 5
hvd fonts diamonds 6


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