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Dédalo #09

Sergio Alves is a designer based in Portugal who has been working independently since 2009 and he has now established his own studio — Atelier d’alves. I was particularly impressed by the studio’s editorial work, which includes this recent project for which they designed the ninth issue of Dédalo Magazine. The magazine itself is an initiative by a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) to encourage discussion about architecture and current issues affecting its practitioners.

I love the use of Denzen Stencil 02 here, particularly the way in which the heavier weights have been utilised. It seems a good choice as it’s solid geometry relates to the subject matter nicely, without being too predictable. Superb work!

dedalo magazine 1
dedalo magazine 2
dedalo magazine 3
dedalo magazine 4
dedalo magazine 5
dedalo magazine 6
dedalo magazine 7
dedalo magazine 8
dedalo magazine 9



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