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Conversas XI – XX

Conversas is a series of very informal meetings held weekly at two design studios based in Lisbon – Talho and Rosa. Organised by Constança Saraiva and Mafalda Fernandes the events are an opportunity for designers and other professionals working in a variety of areas such as music, dance, engineering and medicine to share their work and to discuss a range of other topics. The goal is to ‘create a community for conversations’.

The booklet shown below was designed by Joana Durães and Mariana Veloso and is one of a series of publications that are based on these events. On a purely aesthetic level I love the simple, yet beautiful layouts and monochromatic colour palette used throughout. However it’s the idea behind this book and the concept of creating a publication about such an event, those who attended and the dialogues that took place that I find most interesting.
conversa 1
conversa 2
conversa 3
conversa 4
conversa 5
conversa 6


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