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Agência Única

Beautiful new work by Raimundo Britto, a graphic designer based in Brazil who recently completed redesigning an identity for Agência Única, a communications agency also based in Brazil. Their original identity included graphic elements that were derived from the Rorschach test, in which peoples responses to ink blots are subjected to psychological interpretation. Conceptually this reflects that way in which a single image can have an infinite variety of interpretations as we are all individuals. The form of the new logotype reflects this idea and Britto has done an excellent job of manipulating the letterforms so that the final mark is symmetrical, so as not to dilute the original idea behind this well thought out and expertly crafted corporate identity.
Agencia Unica 1
Agencia Unica 2
Agencia Unica 3
Agencia Unica 4
Agencia Unica 5
Agencia Unica 6


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