2013 UTS Grad Show by Nina Harcus, Olivia King, Sebastian Andreassen and Steph Tsimbourlas | Incredible Types

2013 UTS Grad Show

Despite what my lecturers told me, I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard as I did when I was at uni! Sure, freelance inspires the occasional all-nighter, but I just remember university being a constant grind, especially when assessment rolled around. The identity for the UTS Visual Communication Grad Show is a homage of sorts to the university grind and references the phrase ‘working our butts off’ through a clever series of visual puns.

It’s great to see how the idea and identity have been applied to a range of collateral including letterpressed invitations, screen printed posters and an exhibition mural. Bright, fun and energetic — this identity does a great job of communicating what graduates bring to the table!

Designed by Olivia King and Sebastian Andreassen with help from Nina Harcus and Steph Tsimbourlas.

uts grad show identity 1
uts grad show identity 2
uts grad show identity 3
uts grad show identity 4
uts grad show identity 5
uts grad show identity 6



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